4 Reasons to Choose a Kitchen Island Over a Breakfast Bar


When you're thinking of renovating your kitchen, you might find yourself choosing between a breakfast bar and a kitchen island. Where a breakfast bar is a relatively slim surface that projects from another countertop or wall, a kitchen island is larger and freestanding. Both have their own pros and cons, but here are just four reasons why islands tend to make a better choice. 1. Larger Surface Probably the most obvious benefit of choosing a kitchen island over a breakfast bar is having more space.

19 February 2019

Steps that plumbers take to replace a bathroom sink


The sink in your bathroom is one of the most used parts of the home. You rely on it every morning when you wake up, before you go to sleep and during random periods of the day as necessary. Over time, the sink can become chipped, stained, scratched or blocked due to various reasons. A worn out sink should be replaced by a new one in order to add to the functionality of the entire bathroom space.

13 April 2018

3 Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Remodelling Tasks Which Will Transform Your Dated Kitchen


The kitchen is the centre of the home and a highly visible room for residents and guests. If your kitchen is old, tired and dated, then it may not be the welcoming and inviting space you'd like it to be. If your budget won't stretch to a full remodelling project, don't despair. Here are three easy, fast and inexpensive ways that you can renovate your kitchen into a room that you will be proud to entertain in.

12 July 2017

Bathroom Renovations: Materials You Can Consider for Your Bathtub


Just as with other elements of your home, there will come a time when you have to consider replacing your bathtub. This could be due to it becoming decrepit over the years or perhaps you simply want to update the look of your bathroom. No matter the reason, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind before making a decision. Some people make the mistake of simply focusing on the colour and design of the bathroom, without keeping in mind the material that the tub is made from.

1 March 2017

4 Reasons to Fit a P-Shaped Bathtub During Your Next Bathroom Renovation


For plenty of people across the country, there are few things more relaxing after a long day at work than sinking into a nice warm bath. With that in mind, the bathtub is going to be one of the most important things to consider during almost any bathroom remodel, and everything from the style to the amount of space in your bathroom is going to be impacted as a result of your final decision.

19 January 2017

4 Clever Guidelines To Design A Custom-Made Kitchen Benchtop For Your Wheelchair-Bound Parent


If you have a wheelchair-bound parent living with you at home, then you'll need to ensure that you make small changes to accommodate your mother or father's specific requirements. Kitchen benchtops are typically used for food preparation, so you'll want to find a way to allow your parent to use them without much trouble. Follow these guidelines to create a kitchen benchtop that your wheelchair-bound parent can still use. Scale Down The Height

13 September 2016

Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Renovating an Old Church Into a Home


Renovating an old church into a home can be a fun but also very challenging project. Wondering what you should keep in mind? Looking for ways to retain the spirit of the church while also creating a liveable space? Here are just a few of the ideas you should keep in mind: 1. Repair roof, windows and masonry before renovating anything else. When you are diving into a church renovation, it can be tempting to start with the fun elements such converting the choir loft into a bedroom, turning the alter into a breakfast nook or choosing art to hang near the stained glass windows.

5 August 2016